Friday, May 7, 2010

Round of Introductions

Let me introduce you to my dysfunctional family....
This is BFF. Yes, she's wearing a shirt that says "The Lube" and making faces at me. This chick has stuck around through some pretty hard times for the last six years. Which should tell you that she is definitely and certifiably insane.

Oh, my dancing rockstar, Young Prince. He's a laugh a minute until he tells you off, screams at extremely high pitches, hits furniture and whoever may be nearby and thinks naps are for wimps. He's brought parenting to a whole new level for me.

Princess Kayla....or my tomboy. I really fought this label. Trying to be the cool anti-label, hippie cool music loving mom and all. Well, she fought back. See the princesses on the shoes? They are hand me downs from oldest princess and Kayla had a fit. The only thing that pacified her? Spiderman shoes for school....princesses for outside play. *ahem* She is the fire in our lives.

The original princess, Princess Rhiannon. My first child, she was the type of baby only dreams are made of. Seriously. She slept all night by the time she was three months old and occasionally by six weeks. Yeah, really. Okay, it took a while for her to stop crying when she learned that whole manipulation tactic at the age of nine months, but other than that....angel. Well, if you have one of those and you don't know all changes. The two year old that never touched a plug? She turned six and started putting everything in her mouth. Now she's ten and I'm not even going to start. That's a whole new post. But she's the most loving and kind person you will ever meet! Need a hug? A conversation? A picture? Princess Rhiannon is your girl.

This is a really awful picture because Princess Rhiannon was asking me how to make sure she was zoomed in and I was trying to tell her not to zoom and then...pow. Here I am. :0)

CJ (Court Jester) He's my man, my babe, my best friend, my nuisance, my polar opposite.......mostly, he's the most awesome dad ever.
Okay, now that you know my crazy family.....Check out my Friday's the Young Prince dancing. Which is totally his talent. You don't want to miss this. :0) Have a great weekend!

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