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I am usually on the computer at least once every day and truly-that is an understatement! Here are a few ways to find my nuggets of wisdom craziness.

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**Please do not send me advertisements. I do not buy Avon or Mary Kay because I rarely wear makeup, but thank you for your thoughts. I don't wear jewelry either. Fancy clothing? Did you notice I have 3 children? Furniture is not high on my list of things to spend money on. I do not believe that your foreign uncle died and you need my name and social security number to get the money of which you'll give me half. What makes it even harder to believe is that I'd get millions.**

***I LOVE valid emails. If you are a parent looking to network (I am married! NETWORK, not date) then feel free to shoot me an email at any time. Please use the subject line or it may go to spam. If you have any questions or stories to share, I'd love LOVE love LOVE to hear about it!***